Mission Statement: The Solet Initiative of Phoenix, Arizona is a not-for-profit organization devoted to supporting the growth of vibrant sustainable communities and businesses both locally and globally. Through network and organizational development, educational and cultural events, and media productions; the Solet Initiative serves as a catalyst for building awareness of environmental and social issues while providing the avenues for action and engagement.

The Greek word telos translates as purpose or meaning. "Solet" is telos turned around. The Solet Initiative is dedicated to providing the opportunities for individuals and organizations to turn their concern for a better world into action and connection.

Programs and Activities

In 2012, Arizona celebrates is 100th Birthday.  In these 5 years, what do Arizonians envision for their state?  We face a global and local challenge regarding the sustainability of our environment and the health of the planet.  The choices we make each day, the smallest to the largest, impact our future.

Arizona 2012

Five to Thrive© is an initiative to meet our fellow citizens where they are at in building a more sustainable path for Arizona.  We ask that we commit to 5 actions between now and 2012 that support cleaner water, awareness, cleaner air, and Arizona as a leader in promoting sustainable communities, economies and environments. These actions can be daily changes like turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or changing to  canvas grocery bags away from plastic.  Or you might commit to helping us all to learn about and adopt alternative energy like solar power.  The Five to Thrive is up to each citizen to decide for themselves.  We offer suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In America, citizens have grown accustom to the label ‘consumer’.  We are far more than consumers.  We are voters, parents, friends, students, teachers, volunteers and not the least of these stewards of this great state & our communities.  Arizona 2012:  Five to Thrive is an initiative to drive engagement and real partnership for a sustainable state!!! Let’s work together!!

Getting Greener

An on-line guide to products, businesses and services that promote living economies and environmental sustainability.

The Poetry of Gratefulness

A Poetry Celebration and Fundraiser for ANGL featuring featuring Jane Hirshfield, Coleman Barks, Drew Dellinger (other poets to be featured-confirmation in progress). EmCee for the event was Dale Biron. Herbst Theater, San Francisco February 3rd 2008. The event was attended by 800 and raised significant resources for A Network for Grateful Living


Supporting not-for-profits and small businesses with organizational design, development, marketing and public relations consulting service.

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