project_labyrinth_come_walkProject Labyrinth is committed to constructing Whatcom County's first outdoor, permanent, public labyrinth in Fairhaven Park.  A labyrinth is a pattern consisting of a circuitous path, usually within a circle, winding around and leading to the center and back out again.  Labyrinths are used for walking meditation and as a path of prayer, and are found in many secular and religious traditions around the world.  Our labyrinth consist of nine circuits, flush with the ground, using layers of sand, gravel, and cement pavers. We are working closely with Bellingham's Parks and Recreation manager to create a maintainable and asthetically pleasing path.

Programs and Activities

In order to assess and encourage public interest, Project Labyrinth creates temporary labyrinths open to the public.  We set up outdoor labyrinths to celebrate the changing of seasons: Summer Solstice and Fall/Spring Equinox.  Hundreds of people come to walk the labyrinths and connect with themselves as with one another.  Our board has much experience with labyrinths--several of our board members have facilitated labyrinths throughout the Bellingham community for many years.  The number of participants continually increases, and we've received overwhelming feedback that a permanent public labyrinth is needed and much desired.

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