Institute for Citizen Journalism

The Institute for Citizen Journalism strengthens and supports active citizen journalism by providing, research, training, networking, tools, production, and distribution for important news stories that may be ignored or erroneously covered in conventional media. The Institute supplies media expertise and capacity to serious citizen journalists worldwide.

Programs and Activities

We teach, produce, edit, and disseminate reliable journalism through modern media, covering news that has been overlooked or discounted by conventional media. We counteract mistakes, misinformation, hype, spin, and deceit that have been reported as news, and we help disenfranchised and dispossessed communities tell their stories by providing media tools, skills, sources, and news distribution.

ICJ brings media expertise to people with stories to tell, and brings those stories to a larger public audience through modern media.

We link committed citizens with active journalists by providing help with media theory, methodology, research, and story preparation.

ICJ initiative is rooted in two emerging global movements: new technologies that allow a new democratization of media, and secondly, citizen advocates in civil society around the world attempting to address the most urgent social, economic and environmental issues of our age. Civil society and modern electronic media allow the people’s stories to be heard. ICJ exists to facilitate this democratic media evolution.

ICJ believes that high quality citizen journalism promotes social change. Other citizen news projects exist, but most of these mimic conventional media in content. ICJ exists to provide citizen-based journalism of substance, telling important stories overlooked by conventional media.

We have put media tools into the hands of people struggling to tell their stories. We have sent crews to remote areas to film and record the challenges of people facing environmental destruction. We support social movements with editorial and production skills.

ICJ promotes a vision of a world of well informed, skilled citizens creating a healthier media for a healthier society.

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