Dr. Susan Lisa Toch has 25 years experience in water resources management and community health. Specializing in relateing land use preactices to water quality in community watersheds and drinking water supplies, her inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural background Water Resources Science and Environmental Health includes a Ph.D., and M.P.H. from the University of California, Berkeley, an MA in Geography/Environmental Planning from the University of Waterloo, Canada, a B.Sc. in Forestry/Natural Resources Management and an A.Sc. in Leadership Development & Human Services. She holds additional certifications in Tropical Medicine from Louisiana State University Medical School & the University of Costa Rica, and has trained as a medical assistant in helicoptor relief with the Swiss Air Rescue, Switzerland.


Project Partners/Board

Kathleen Wolff, RN, Textile Artist, Retired Certified Nurse Midwife & Family Nurse Practitioner: Owner and operator of Chrysalis Midwifery and Family Health Center in Seattle in the 1980's, she delivered babies at home, including having her own youngest son underwater. She has been a singer in choruses since high school, including the Tacoma Women's Choir, the Seattle Women's Ensemble, and presently the Anacortes Harmonairs. She served as a school nurse for the public and Tribal Schools on the Coeur d'Alene Reservation in North Idaho. She was privileged to be taught the art of making cradleboards. Her theory states that comfortable swaddling aids the development of verbal skills in infants. Many of her cradleboards were given to teen parents; others are complex pieces of art utilizing recycled pieces of fabric, leather, wood, fur and beads.While living for 14 years on 36 acres on Worley Mountain, Kathleen observed the phenomenon of moving springs. This experience greatly added to her fascination with water and its life.

Lane Parks, Director Madrona Center

Michael J. Cohen, PhD, EdD
Institute of Global Education
Director Project NatureConnect