Mission Statement: Madrona Center is dedicated to promoting the arts, sustainable ways of living and supporting the local economy. It is dedicated to practicing and educating about permaculture practices through environmental awareness.

Madrona Center is a facility which celebrates the arts, sustainable living and permaculture. It fulfills its mission through seminars, individual residencies, partnerships, internships and regional programs. The Madrona Center advocates a community that understands interdependence, inspires a deeper connection with our planet and promotes harmony with complex natural systems through education, collaboration and demonstration.

Programs and Activities

Madrona Center's goals and associated programs are as follows: 

Goal 1: Celebrate the arts and planet earth

  1. Artist-in-Residence Program
  2. Classes through Skagit Valley College
  3. Summer Program, Art in the Parks
  4. Carving Apprenticeship Program
  5. Celebrations at the Stone Circle on Equinox and Solstice
  6. Various art, craft, dance and music workshops
  7. Waste vegetable oil ceramic and glass kilns

Goal 2: Encourage and demonstrate sustainable living practices

  1. Madrona Center "Demonstrates Sustainability" development
  2. Guemes Island on-site recycled glass for Glass Art
  3. Sustainability Discussion Group
  4. Waste Cooking Oil powered diesel car
  5. Demonstration of solar and wind power to run artist barn studio

Goal 3: Bring together artists, poets, performers, writers, holistic technologists and other thinkers to help bring awareness of the consequences of planet stress which will affect life as we know it.

  1. Environmental/Recycled/Green Art Competition/Exhibition
  2. Traveling Madrona  Environmental Art Education Shows
  3. Madrona Artists on-line
  4. Art and Performance Celebrations in Skagit County Parks

Goal 4: Create a learning environment that will point toward sustainable living in sustainable communities and encourage the use of renewable energy, organic farming, recycling, natural capitalism and other practices that if used together will lessen the stress on planet earth.

  1. Eco Community and Co-housing Discussion Group
  2. Community Redesign Discussion Group
  3. Community Supported Agriculture Discussion Group
  4. Community Projects in Sustainablilty

Links to Additional Information

Project Leader Biographies
Madrona Center's web site

Contact Information

Susan Ferrel and Lane Parks, Co-Directors 
7753 Guemes Island Road, Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 360-293-2980
Web site: www.madronacenter.org