Mission Statement: The vision of this organization is to work with local organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to create different social and/or environmental projects in the predominantly rural area of the south of the Mexican state of Jalisco that will enable the region to develop in a more sustainable way.

granitos-rally-tree-plantingOverall Project Objectives:

  • To research in a participative way the needs and resources of the region, leading to the identification of specific projects
  • Tofacilitate the creation of a network of a diverse range of different social and environmental projects in the region, in which “Granitos de Arena” acts as an organizing hub
  • To obtain resources for these projects in the form of funds and skilled volunteers from local, national and international sources
  • To facilitate the interaction between these projects and other initiatives in the region to create additional momentum and a ‘tipping point’ for sustainable development across the region
  • To work in partnership with local organizations such as universities, technical colleges, businesses, local and state government, and civil society groups
  • To increase public awareness of environmental issues, challenges and solutions and offer courses in environmental education and sustainable development
  • To offer training and development in leadership, team working, and facilitating networks, as the human, social skills necessary to create sustainable development

Programs and Activities

granitos-recycling-activityFor the last two years a major project has been the organization of a day-long ecological rally with teams of young people. The day chosen for the rally has been a Saturday close to the International Day of the Environment to reinforce other activities happening around this date.

This rally has as its aims:

  • To create an event which is going to capture the attention of the population of Ciudad Guzmán about the importance of the environment
  • To use the rally to promote environmental education and awareness
  • To create an event which will make a concrete difference in the lives of the inhabitants of Ciudad Guzmán; for example, the event can help to clean the city of litter and/or to publicize a recycling project
  • To create an event which is fun, creative, stimulating and educational for the participants

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