PatternDynamics Project Leader Biographies 

Through a 20-year career working at the intersection of commerce and sustainability in for-profit, not-for-profit, and social enterprises, PatternDynamics project leader Tim Winton (born James Timothy Winton) has performed a range of roles including environmental services contractor, organic farmer, sustainability educator, designer, project manager, consultant, executive leadership, and corporate governance.  All of these roles have led Tim to insights in the creation of a set of principles for managing organisational complexity and creating systems level change.

Key projects include the founding and 10-year development of an innovative sustainability education centre as well as the entrepreneurial start-up, development, and sale of one of Australia’s largest reforestation contractors to an international silviculture services company.

Tim’s main focus is the research, design, and implementation of practical methods for resolving  complexity and creating systems level change. He created PatternDynamics™ as an Integral Sustainability Pattern Language. Its main purpose is to help people learn the principles of complexity and to apply them as a form of collaborative systems thinking. Learning these two skills is key for creating a more ethical "Planetary Civilisation," where financial, social, and environmental outcomes can all be enhanced through the same set of strategies.

Areas of expertise include business, organisational, and sustainability strategy; leadership development; organisational effectiveness; sustainability education; systems thinking training and complexity capability building.

Tim is an independent Integral scholar-practitioner who has published articles in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, as part of the proceedings of Integral Academic Conferences and Practitioner Seminars, and as a contributor to the edited volume, Integral Theory in Action: Applied, Theoretical, and Critical Perspectives on the AQAL Model (in press). He is a thought leader in Integral Sustainability and speaks and writes regularly on sustainability, complexity, change making, leadership, and collaborative systems thinking. Tim holds a BA in English Literature, a Diploma of Permaculture Design, and a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment. He posts on sustainability, systems thinking and organisational complexity at his blog