Mission Statement: To involve youth in promoting, presenting, and preserving diversity and culture through music, art, education, and technology.

One Vibe Entertainment was started in Kisumu, Kenya’s Manyatta slum in response to the deteriorating living conditions being experienced by the region’s youth.In 2008, One Vibe registered as a non-governmental organization (“NGO”) with the NGO’s Coordination Board of Kenya.

One Vibe believes that peaceful coexistence and sustainability is cultivated when people come together using music, art, education and technology as a foundation of their community. One Vibe’s mission is to build a Music and Art Center in Kisumu as a gathering place for these foundational activities to grow. One Vibe has been created as a prototype institution that can provide the environment and services necessary to support youth in realizing their potential and pave the way for others to support the development of this region.

We have lived in the slums. We have been fortunate to study and work with people from all over the world that understand this issue and the sorts of programs and offerings that can make a difference. And we are passionate about ending this unnecessary suffering. Our experience and connection to the slum provides the perspective necessary to identify the crucial steps required for change. Our connection and ability to partner with a broad range of individuals and organizations worldwide, provides us with the resources that can support our development as young leaders and human beings, as we assist in shaping the future of our community and the earth. One Vibe Entertainment engages all aspects of the community in creating and actualizing a cultural vision embracing diversity and sustainability.

Programs and Activities

Unite the People Concert Series: The first Unite The People Concert was held in 2005 at the Aga Khan hall in Kisumu. It continues as a premium music event in Africa, specifically Kisumu City, which is in a region that has historically suffered from neglect.

In 2007, after the general election, Kenya experienced one of the worst spans of ethnic violence in its history.Countless crimes were committed against many people. There were revenge attacks and revenge for the revenge attacks, a spiral that was out of control. In February 2008, talks led to a peace deal, which gave birth to the current power sharing government.

Unite The People was inspired by the events of the post election violence. One Vibe chose to be known as the side that made a decision to rise above the cycle of hatred and revenge and started United The People Concert as an effort to accept the truth about tribalism, build a sense of awareness about the current inter-tribal relationship and evolve towards a peaceful future where all people are who they are and not which tribe or race they are from. Unite The People Concert 2008 was the first public gathering after the post election violence.

Starting 2012, well-known international artists will participate at Unite The People Concert Series to bring global awareness to One Vibe’s work, promote international cultural exchange and offer local artists the opportunity to learn from these international masters. In the future, performing musicians and artists will conduct workshops and activities to further promote local music and arts development paving the way for the Music and Art Center.

Unite The People Concert Series provides an excellent opportunity for local youth employment. A number of youth are employed to perform various duties in the period of the event. Over two hundred direct and indirect jobs are created. Local businesses, hotels and transport companies realize an increase in their sales during the period that Unite The People Concert is held because patrons to the event require their goods and services.

Featured Artist: We engage musicians from all over the world in story telling sessions as our role in developing international cultural exchange. The program is completely run on One Vibe’s web site, it is a platform where well-known musicians share stories to inspire youth and upcoming artists. The stories are presented with a musical background that makes the stories easy to listen to and understand.

Art Mentorship: One Vibe is partnering with artists, and High Schools in Kisumu in running a mentorship program. This program provides students with an opportunity to put their energy and emotions on to a piece of canvas as an alternative to drugs, alcohol and violence that would negatively impact them, their colleagues and their community.

Music and Art Center: Our current initiatives are designed to fit into the larger picture of sustaining the eventual Music and Art Center while being in harmony with their independent missions and purpose in the community. To sustain One Vibe, make the institution accessible, and to symbolize the confidence and belief we have in the community we are focusing on, it will be located in Manyatta, the largest slum in Kisumu, Kenya. We envision incorporating a number of programs within the Music and Art Center, including the following:

Radio Station: It will be aimed at providing a voice to this community, marketing goods and services from this community and linking it to the rest of the world.

Library: Our library will be a resource center for digitally archived materials from stories, poetry, history and culture to art and fun materials produced by our recording studio.

Recording Studio: There is an immense amount of musical talent being wasted because individual artistes can’t afford recording sessions. Local artists who otherwise could never record their music will have a chance to do that. Families and individuals go through emotionally devastating periods in life. People affected by events similar to the post election violence, loss of loved ones, or suffering from life threatening conditions really appreciate a shoulder to cry on. Through the studio, we will provide a space where they can pour their emotions as part of the healing process and to record it so that they can share it with their family. Their children could also access the recording even after decades. This is paramount to the general healing process and integration of the community.

Painting Workshop: Local artists who specialize in paintings and other form of creative arts and craft are currently disrespected and constantly evicted by authorities. They cannot afford their own space. The workshop will provide the much-needed space, host arts exhibitions and develop the Art Mentorship program.

Fitness Gym: Sports and art are inseparable activities. In Kisumu, a huge number of people can afford to pay for a gym but there are only two in the whole city and they both target the up market part of the community. Our gym will target the middle and low-income families and talented youth who can’t afford to pay for the service.

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