Our mission is to (1) support the efforts of both public institutions and non-governmental organizations working to promote social justice and sustainable development in Nicaragua and (2) facilitate cross-cultural learning by recruiting motivated individuals to participate in experiential  learning programs.

We work to support community based social justice and sustainable development efforts in the southwest of Granada.  Working with community leaders, organizations, and international interns and professionals, we collaborate with communities to design projects to improve the overall living conditions for all Nicaraguans, expecially those living in conditions of extreme poverty.  Our projects focus on social justice - trying to protect the human rights of people from sectors of society whom, due to their socio-economic conditions, find their rights violated on a daily basis. They have limited access to education, employment, legal protection, and healthcare.    Most of our projects work with youth, women, children, and the rural and urban poor.

Donations are welcome to any of our projects or focus areas. Please contact us if you would like to support us or for a list of current material needs and/or development projects.

Programs and Activities

  • Mobile Library and Literacy Project: We take books to rural and marginalized communities to read with children and teach others to read.
  • Community Garden Projects: At schools and in local communities we work to increase food security and improve family diets and nutrition.
  • Public Health Campaigns: Dental hygeine, santitation,  reproductive and general community health campaigns
  • Domestic Violence Prevention: Outreach, education, and legal protection.
  • Small Business Development: We have started 4 small businesses throughout Granada.
  • Health Education: With a focus on reproductive health and youth
  • Sponsor a Child Program: To provide school supplies and scholarships for children from one of our Kid's Clubs.
  • Housing, Building, and Construction projects.
  • Kids Clubs: Theater, yoga, crafts, English,  Larate and dance for high risk youth

Links to Additional Information

Web site: www.nicaraguainternships.org
Project Leader Biographies

Contact Information

Carrie Lee McCracken, Director
PO Box 210
Granada, Nicaragua
Central America
Phone: 505-2552-5890 or 505-8481-9369
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.