Mission Statement: RISE-UP From Poverty’s mission is to empower vulnerable youth to lift themselves out of poverty to become next generation global leaders through youth leadership-entrepreneurial development and sustainable social business initiatives. Our vision is flourishing in a world without poverty by putting business, technology, and environmental solutions in the hands of tomorrow’s leaders.

RISE-UP From Poverty is a North American based non-profit organization that will partner with foundations, other non-profits, service clubs, global corporations, multilateral organizations, educational institutions, social business institutions, and government’s agencies to empower vulnerable youth globally. We aim to combat poverty by providing access to microcredit, quality technical assistance in microenterprise, and social business initiatives. RISE-UP From Poverty is committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Our business model adheres to the Social Business principles outlined by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, as follows:

A social business must be defined as a non-loss, non-dividend business. Rather than being passed on to investors, the surplus generated by the social business is reinvested in the business. Ultimately, it is passed on to the target group of beneficiaries in such forms as lower prices, better, services, and greater accessibility.

Programs and Activities

Technical Support, Training and Education Partnerships
Training becomes the
core component in introducing sustainable and technology-based entrepreneurial opportunities to vulnerable youth. Basic and certified skills that could lead to job creation in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Computer,riseup2 Media, and Environmental Technology will be provided in partnerships with industry leaders and associations. Therefore, a two-week intensive and practical "Youth Entrepreneurial, Environmental and Technology Solutions Training" will be tailored according to countries’ culture and needs. These initial skills trainings will lead to certification through online and global exchange programs. The first training will take place in Guyana in the summer of 2010. In addition, engineering technology and other support will be required in the development of the following the social business initiative in Guyana.

RISE-UP From Poverty Paradise Island: An Ecotourism, Health, and Leadership Village
Imagine a group of young people--orphans from poor households--learning how to run an ecotourism resort while they are interacting with visitors. They have learned about engineering technology, architecture, and drafting. They have learned to construct green housing lodges and to install and maintain Solar Systems; they have been trained in computer services and maintenance, in waste and water management, in hospitality management, catering and culinary arts. They have acquired knowledge and leadership skills through fellowships and global exchange. They have acquired job skills that they can also apply as micro-entrepreneurs and contractors off the Island. They have created new enterprises throughout Guyana, and are employing and training a new crop of young people.


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