Mission Statement: Promoting healthy communities through healthy environments by addressing the underlying connections between resource use, water quality, and human health. Developing applied, effective water resource strategies, specializing in safe drinking water for all.

Action in Sustainability

  • 'A Watershed Management approach'

Sharing and educating:

  • All water is connected
  • To use resources within ecological limits, and make a a coordinated effort to protect Drinking water.

I. "Water to Drink" (the book)

  • Describes efforts from local communities to international levels (with specific examples)
  • Community based projects for those concerned with watershed management.
  • Contains age appropriate materials for K-12 as well as Higher education

II. Technical Field Assistance

  • Water supply development
  • Pollution control
  • Resource planning

III. Watershed Training

  • Tailored, coordinated approach
    • One evening lecture
    • Community seminars with field courses
    • Curriculum development.
  • Enabling Environment:2-3 day workshop
  • Community Land Use:3-5 day seminar
    • Water Quality and Human Health
    • Understanding Watersheds
    • Risks to Drinking Water.
  • Sustaining Waters: Systems approach to understanding watersheds (3-5 day field course)
  • Catalyst for Change: 2-day workshop to explore current events such as natural disasters In relation to environmental decisions.

IV. A Systems Approach (classroom)

  • Integrate watershed understanding into science curriculum;
  • Explore the consequences of resource decisions and human needs,
  • and the effects on watersheds.
  • Unified overview of managing resources within ecological constraints.
  • Instructor Training.

Programs and Activities

Action in sustainability offers the following books, curricula, and outreach activities:

  • Water to Drink, Water Voices from Around the World,
  • Integrating Resource & Community Issues, Reconnecting with Nature
  • Unified in Our Diversity: international community-based consortium
  • Technical Field Assistance
  • Water supply development, pollution control, resource planning
  • Educational Programs
  • International Cooperation

Links to Additional Information

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Contact Information

Susan Lisa Toch, PhD, MPH, MA
Water Resources & Community Health Specialist
PO Box 1261, Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 360-848-5328
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