Below are testimonials from project leaders around the world.


"In my role as the Sustainability Coordinator in the Governor's Office, I partnered with Michael Karp and A W.I.S.H to convene regional International Association of Sustainability Businesses and Organizations (IASBO) gatherings. These gatherings were critical in fostering state and regional momentum towards sustainability. A W.I.S.H's unique approach to convening meetings lead to quality interaction and productive exchange of ideas between sustainability practitioners in Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), business and government practitioners.

A W.I.S.H was a key partner in developing the concept and carrying out the vision for the first Governor's Leadership Summit on Sustainability in Washington in 2001. The event was a huge success and served to catalyze government leadership for Sustainability in the state. Critical to our success was the extensive network of expertise and learning which A W.I.S.H brought to the task, as well as a deeply collaborative and inclusive work style. I can say without hesitation that we would not have been able to carry out this event without the support, guidance and assistance of A W.I.S.H. The Summit resulted in a Governor's Executive Order on Sustainable Practices for State Government and development of the 'Action Plan for a Sustainable Washington'."

Lynn Helbrecht


SALT (Cape Verde Island, Africa)

"A W.I.S.H. has given Project Salt the structure and support that allows us to focus on the mission of preserving the musical traditions of Cape Verde. The "umbrella" has brought together diverse expertise and it has created a forum that is ideal to share information and resources, and most importantly a vision to fight poverty a work towards sustainable living."

Johnny Fernandes, Director, Project Salt.


(Bellingham, Washington, USA)

"Cutting-edge concepts, ideas and strategies often need support, protection and cheer leaders to attain their potential. Time and again I have watched A W.I.S.H. pick up and run with such concepts, ideas and strategies. In an age bloated with fear, A W.I.S.H., instead, serves as a lubricant for courage and boldness. My for-profit and non-profit projects would not have attained their current stature without A W.I.S.H.'s great work."

Rick Dubrow
A-1 Builders, Inc., President
RE Sources for Sustainable Communities, Board Vice President
Sustainable Connections, Founder and Board Member



"A W.I.S.H is a pathway organization especially for international groups in terms of financial fundraising, handling and advice. Eco-garden is a Community Based Organization in Kenya that works on environment conservation and organic agriculture project by serving the rural small-scale farmers but could not meet USA 501 (c) 3 status as required by most funder's. A W.I.S.H stepped in as a financial bridge for Eco-garden. Long live A W.I.S.H!"

Wanambisi Wesakania
Executive Coordinator



"The People's Waterfront Coalition has been thrilled with the support offered by A W.I.S.H. as our fiscal sponsor. We are a grassroots organization advocating a more sustainable future for Seattle's downtown shore after our elevated highway is taken down. A W.I.S.H.  has offered organizational guidance, effective strategic advice, encouragement, and connections -- far beyond the fiscal management commitment they took on. Our group is steadily gaining ground and convincing leaders to pursue a greener, smarter solution than building a new highway. We never could have come this far without their help."

Cary Moon, Co-Founder/Director



"With the support of A W.I.S.H., Community Friends was able to respond to the tsunami disaster with lightening speed and quickly establish our trust in the village. Timing is everything in a crisis and A W.I.S.H made the implementation happen in a most effective way."

Carsten Henningsen, founder/president


ASOCIACION ANDAR (Hondorus, Central America)

"It is difficult to express how grateful we have been at Asociacion Andar for the support of A.W.I.S.H. Andar is an Honduran non-profit that has worked for over fifteen years in poverty-stricken rural areas of Honduras. When I returned to the U.S. in 2003 afterworking with Andar in the south of Honduras, one of my main goals was to find financial support for our grassroots projects there. A.W.I.S.H. has made it possible to provide our donors (frequently individuals, families, schools, and churches) with a tax-deductible option. They have also provided us communications support through their website, and their on-going encouragement and organizational advice has been invaluable. Our two newest projects – a community-based education center for small children and their families, and a scholarship program for highly capable students who cannot continue their studies due to the financial challenges of rural poverty - have been thriving since we joined together with A W.I.S.H. Without their support, we would not have the donor-base that we currently have. A W.I.S.H. has made a world of difference for us in our efforts to connect interested donors to community-based education efforts in southern Honduras. We would not be where we are right now without their support!"

Emily Montgomery
U.S. Contact - Asociacion Andar


ORGANIC PRESS (Pacific Northwest, USA)

"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation of AW.I.S.H. for its ongoing council and mentorship in helping to bring Organic Press into a successful non-profit solutions based media platform for the community. After two years of intensive service, we were graced with the opportunity to come under the wing of AW.I.S.H. This has been a major milestone and a catalyst for our organization. Your distinguished presence and insight into community matters has helped us further refine our mission and our purpose as a local community journal. As a result, we have made some decisions that we anticipate will bear much fruit. Thank you and god speed in all your endeavors."

Darren Thompson
Publisher, Organic Press



"The World Green Building Council proudly works with A W.I.S.H. on shared missions of promoting sustainability. Through small projects with anticipated major results, our two organizations are collaborating to develop such tools as roadmaps for green building council development in Latin America and educational programs to support market transformation."

Kath Williams, Ed.D.
President, World Green Building Council



"AWISH has been a tremendous partner with the Department of Community Trade and Economic Development. Michael Karp is opportunistic, entrepreneurial, creative and pragmatic. His experience, energy and network help bring together vital projects that address the holes in our safety nets and find common ground among seemingly unconnected constituencies. His involvement in building community wind projects that benefit low income people is a great example of his ability to make connections and make things happen. Michael helps to create partnerships that get interests out of our silos and get things done. I look forward to every phone call with him because I know the project will be interesting, as well as address a problem and improve our future."

Tim Stearns
Senior Energy Policy Specialist
Washington Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development


LINUXOLA (South Africa)

"The Linuxola project installs computer centers and offers computer technology training to community members in four rural villages of Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. It was established in 2004 in partnership with four village schools to support and empower schools and the poor. We have trained 550 students, 20 educators and 55 unemployed youth, the majority being out of school young girls.

Our project is sustained by regular contributions received from A World Institute for Sustainable Humanity, with help from other international donors and small contributions from the people we serve.

The computer centers are growing into strong community centers which will house various poverty alleviation projects such as mushroom cultivation, hydroponics, extraction of essential oils and youth programs focused on information dissemination, art, culture and heritage, and mentorship.

This concept is being duplicated in various villages by multi-purpose community centers in and around South Africa as a powerful model to deliver services to the poor."

Mlondolozi Kosi
Project Director, Linuxola