Villagers at one of the eight Share and Care centers for
the aged near Katchur

The goal of A W.I.S.H-India is to raise awareness and foster understanding and support for a marvelous and successful non-sectarian organization in India: Share and Care Children's Welfare Society.

Their programs serve the various needs of destitute, abandoned, and physically handicapped children; deserted mothers and widows; and the aged. Food, clothing, shelter, education, medical surgeries and on-going medical care are provided at no cost to the people.

Microcredit programs are being created to foster self-reliance among the disenfranchised and elderly while concurrently stimulating rural development. With all of these programs a powerful sense of hope and loving community emerges, and elicits a rebirth of the spirit.

Preschoolers and an aide at a Share and Care day
care center in Madras

For more information about Share and Care, please view the India Project Description.


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Board of Directors:
Thomas Lilly, Project Manager, WA state
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Deirdre Evans, British Columbia
Harold Cutting, WA state
A Josephine Lucy, Madras, India