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The Woodson Place

The Woodson family is pleased to offer The Woodson Place – a unique conservation neighborhood of 38 home sites (1/2 acre) on 66 acres in Rains County, Texas. A new approach to subdividing and developing land, called Conservation Subdivision Design, caught the Woodson family's attention in 1999.

"We were drawn to it because it aims to preserve as much land as possible in its original state. We also knew that it had been very successful in other parts of the country because people enjoy living next to open space with views, hiking trails, fishing ponds, and woods. It is like living in a private park."

True to the Conservation Subdivision Design approach, the Woodson Place will preserve over half of the total acreage as open space that will be managed for recreation, wildlife habitat, and plants native to East Texas. We have taken great strides to leave the land as undisturbed as possible in the development process.

The site layout, amenities, property owners association, architectural guidelines, and restrictive covenants all work together to ensure a solid investment and special place for families and individuals who want to live in the peaceful countryside but don't want to buy and manage a large tract of land.

The Woodson Place is part of A W.I.S.H.'s Green Building Program.

Featured in the Dallas Morning News, August 10, 2007: Green home on the range.


The Woodson Place

A Project of MCM Development, LLC
PO Box 131978 Tyler, Texas 75713
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