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The 'SPIRAL' project...
a Washington State non-profit

Past Project of A W.I.S.H.

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The 'SPIRAL' project (Sustaining People & Places In Rural Adventurous Lopez) is dedicated to enhancing the people and places of Lopez, especially in the areas of art, environment, sustainability and health.

Founding Board Members:
Rhea Miller
Kiki Martin
Sandy Bishop

Established: October 1, 2004

Lopez Island has a small population of approximately 2,200 people. For the most part Lopezians are highly engaged, passionate and full of ideas. We formed 'SPIRAL' in order to help turn some of the best ideas into reality. Our first project was to form a support team for a youth whose film was accepted into the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2004.

Rowan North, filmmaker and director of "A Story of My Life"

For more about this project please visit the web site:




Spiral Project
P.O. Box 113 Lopez, WA 98261
Phone: 468-3654
email: turtle@rockisland.com

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