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The Sound Essence Project

"This work with energy and music is the spiritual work for the coming age. The seed of the spiritual is found in the physical, in the heart of the cells, in the spiral of the DNA, is written in the divine story. When scientific research, spiritual practice, and artistic expression work together heaven and earth are in resonance."

Fabien Maman

Project Mission

The Sound Essence Project, a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation, is a collaborative international gathering of people with the intention to create a cross cultural network of resources in an environment of mutual learning with an emphasis on cultural sustainability. Through the confluence of our respective wisdom, we will converge traditional practices with sustainable ways of life to create a profound partnership which expands world community and peace through education, herbal medicine, theater, sound, film and cultural communion.

Listening to storytelling in Mongolia

Project Summary

The Sound Essence Project has five core areas:

1) Cultural Sustainability,
2) Sustainable Living,
3) Environments of Learning,
4) Health and Healing, and
5) Peace.

peace shrine
Roadside shrine laden with prayer scarves.

The Sound Essence Project has various projects within each core area.

We are working with Mongolia toward Community Development and Sustainable Communities.

reindeer people
Visiting with the nomadic reindeer
people near Lake Huvsgol.

Our main projects are:

1. College Scholarships

We currently are putting five students through four years of college in Mongolia.

2. Micro-lending

We provide small loans for locally owned and traditional businesses in the Erdenet area. The first group of women we worked with started The Blessing Bakery. We plan to meet with other groups this summer, including one that hopes to start a leather goods project.

3. The Mongolian Storytellers' Project

We filmed Tsaatan and Darhad people sharing traditional stories and songs last year. We will continue to travel to the Arkhungai in the summer of 2006, filming storytellers of the region.

4. Tree Planting

A group of students and volunteers in Erdenet will plant 100 pine seedlings next to Father Gaby's orphanage. Tree planting may become a small development project in the near future. This will provide local jobs and help to reforest some of the area.

5. Medical Supplies

We will distribute 22 stethoscopes to area doctors in Ulaanbaatar with Dr. Bira's guidance. We also will take some of the stethoscopes to the Arkhungai Region.

Mongolian horse rider
Mongolian horse rider on the open plains.

For more information see: www.soundessenceproject.org


Susan Bradbury

Sound Essence Project
P.O. Box 4028
Bellingham, WA 98227

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A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity