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Action Now! Solutions Project

 Are you battered by bad news?

Feeling down about the state of the world?

Then the Action Now Solutions Project has something
to help channel your concerns into positive actions.

Action Now! Solutions Project

Project Summary

In January 2003 the Action Now The Solutions Project was launched to provide a positive forum for sharing information on how to create a sustainable society. This comprehensive yearlong project is bringing to light many innovative advancements and creative solutions that can improve quality of life.

Each month, The Solutions Project examines a different aspect of life. Events related to the topic are promoted through a monthly theme-based calendar posted locally and on-line. Monthly Community Networking Tea events and a Monthly Forum focus on the theme. Experts in the field and interested people join in a dialogue exploring the topic.

The community is invited to be part of this comprehensive skill-building and wisdom-sharing process by participating in the events and workshops and by volunteering to help in the organizational process.


Project Goal

The goal of The Solutions Project is to offer concrete actions and strategies that people can enact in their lives to create a healthy and sustainable community and world. We will look at the issues and problems of our current situation and move quickly into solutions and activities that enhance us as individuals and as a society.


Dudley Evenson

360/592 8441


A W.I.S.H. North America


A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity