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Skagit Valley Sustainability Project

Past Project of A W.I.S.H.

Project Summary

The Skagit Valley Sustainability Project, to start with, is focusing on a demonstrating model for sustainability in both vinticulture and winemaking. Ultimately, working more broadly on the survivability of the agriculture base in Skagit County, located in Northwest Washington State of the USA.

The project will work on organic production, balanced waste water systems and on-site power production involving water turbines, solar and wind.

Access to public hiking, bicycling and bridle trails along with educational boards referencing environmental and geophysical information will be created. This will all be a springboard to stimulate interest and development of much larger projects involving a significant number of the farming community in the Skagit Valley.


Project Director: Paul Rosasco

A W.I.S.H. North America


A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity