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Sister Island Project

(Dominican Republic)

Mission Statement:

Sister Island Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering respectful international friendship and cultural, educational, and technical exchange between people of the United States and people of the Dominican Republic. In addition, Sister Island Project promotes awareness of issues that challenge developing countries and collaborates with Dominicans on mutually beneficial humanitarian projects.

Fall 2005 Newsletter

Sister Island Project


Creating a Learning Center/Fostering Cultural Exchange

Sister Island Project is currently focusing its resources on two related goals -- creating a learning center and fostering cultural exchange. In collaboration with Dominican community organizations and international supporters, we are working to create a learning center in the Yabacao region of the Dominican Republic.

This learning center will provide secondary and vocational education for Yabacao’s youth and will also provide educational opportunities for the general community in academics, vocational skills, nutrition, and arts. The center will also serve as a hurricane shelter. Ecological sustainability is a central value in planning for the center’s design and curriculum.

Sister Island School

Our second, related goal is the facilitation of cultural exchange, through volunteer service by Americans and others. Exposure to diversity and the development of cross-cultural communication skills are urgent needs for Americans, never more so than in this post-9/11 world. There is a real call for us to become "global citizens." Sister Island Project’s service opportunities allow volunteers from the United States and elsewhere to teach, learn, and step beyond the familiar. In doing so, volunteers become wiser, more capable citizens of the world. Likewise, our host families have the opportunity to feel respected and competent and engaged, hosting guests from far away. Dominican children receive a valuable educational opportunity while they share their culture and develop skills in relating to volunteers from the United States and elsewhere.

In this framework of mutually beneficial cultural exchange, Americans and Dominicans are working together to create a school in an impoverished community.

Sister Island Project web site: www.sisterislandproject.org


Victoria Santos and Peter Blaustein,
Project Co-Directors

Sister Island Project
PO Box 1413
Langley, Washington 98260 USA

Telephone: 360-321-4012
Email: sisterisland@mail2world.com

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