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San Juan Bio-fuels Association

San Juan Biofuels Association Overview

Who we are

The San Juan Biofuels Association is a non-profit enterprise which aims to recycle used restaurant grease into a cleaner-burning diesel fuel. Our purposes are:

  1. To help the residents of San Juan County reduce automobile emissions
  2. To recycle used cooking oil, keeping it from landfills
  3. To provide members with fuel at below-market prices
  4. To educate the public about waste-reduction and alternatives to petroleum
  5. To conduct our activities with a minimum of environmental impact

Status of the Association

The San Juan Biofuels Association was incorporated in November 2007 as a non-profit organization in Washington State. We intend to apply for 501(c)3 status, but we know this to be a costly and time-consuming process. Our primary and more immediate goal is to build and establish a biodiesel processing facility here on San Juan Island. Once we have done this, we can immediately begin acheieving our goals of reducing automobile emissions and reducing our communityıs impact on the environment by keeping restaurant fryer grease out of landfills. We have been offered a suitable site for our facility, and also a sizable grant that will enable us to purchase the necessary equipment and cover other start-up costs. The grant, however, must be tax-deductible. The donor has advised us to find a non-profit entity, such as the A W.I.S.H. organization, which can act as a fiscal sponsor for us and receive the funds on our behalf. This has been our primary obstacle in getting established. We believe that the San Juan Biofuels Association will have an immediate and tangible benefit, reducing our environmental impact and creating a model which can lead our island community towards self-reliance and sustainability.


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