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Responsible Development !

100 acre wood

Putting Neighborhood Needs Back Into City Planning

The mission of Responsible Development is to advocate for responsible development of communities within Washington State with a focus on Bellingham and Whatcom County. Our purpose is to provide a voice for neighborhood concerns in the development of land that will impact all community members. Our main focus at this time is to provide oversight and active community participation in decisions when projects are put forward which may be at odds with community values and traditions. The long-term sustainability of our community is a primary focus in our work.

Our fundraising focuses on collecting funds to provide legal consultation and coordinate efforts to ensure community participation in these projects and to promote sustainable practices for each development and for the future of our entire community.


Responsible Development
PO Box 2627
Bellingham, WA 98227


A W.I.S.H. North America


A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity