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Organic Press

Past Project of A W.I.S.H.

Organic Press, based near Bellingham, Washington, USA, provides creative media platforms where people share their perspectives and gain a deeper appreciation of the greater Pacific Northwest community.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to providing greater community platforms where people gain a deeper appreciation of the world around us. The cross section of ideas and opinion create a rich and engaging experience, invoking a dynamic forum which reflect opportunities for growth.

The Vision
Organic Press is a different publication, representing community interests of Northwest Washington. With timeless content and a celebration of the written word, our style and approach captures the essense of a community through the exchange of ideas and experiences that represent a higher standard. These shared perspectives reveal opportunities to develop positive change by providing solutions and resources for action.


Organic Press
Darren M. Thompson, Publisher/Editor
(360) 766-5222

A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity