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All About Literacy

Past Project of A W.I.S.H.

The abilities to read and communicate are vital in today’s life and economy.

Project Summary

All About Literacy supports and promotes activities, awareness, and attitudes that increase access to books, desire for learning and literacy in children and their families. Since 2002 this nonprofit organization, based in Washington state, has been organizing field trips from schools to bookstores providing young readers a chance to increase their reading skills and quality of life through book ownership. All About Literacy promotes the love, respect, use and re-use of books. It also promotes a healthy community of libraries, booksellers and other sources of easily accessible books.

Head of the organization, Michael Elmer, has spent 25 years of his life in the business of bookselling and is a devoted advocate of literacy. He has witnessed first-hand the effects of poor literacy skills, including low self esteem, inability to follow written instructions, and loss of productivity due to breakdowns in communication.

Project Goals

Conservation & Sustainability: All About Literacy promotes sustainability and conservation because the knowledge of used books creates an awareness of the value of reusing and recycling, conserves trees, raw paper, water and power requirements that would have been needed to create new books. This awareness will be translated to other realms and situations in the students' lives creating a conservation consciousness.

Job Readiness: It addresses the requirements for Skills Today for Tomorrow by promoting job readiness. Reading is the foundation of any educational path and will benefit students throughout their lives. This program provides an opportunity to encounter new ideas and explore the broad horizon of our world. Our ten-class lesson plan, provided to teachers as part of the preparation for the field trips, is adaptable to any age group and can be incorporated into existing lesson units. This may include the history of language, paper, paper making, the art of writing from idea to book completion, publishing, printing, binding, distribution, sales, business, conservation/recycling, visiting a used bookstore and the chance to broaden the access to books and learning.



Michael Elmer

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