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Bamboo Village Hawaii

Project Summary

Bamboo Village Hawaii is a non-profit organization nestled deep in the native rainforests of lower Puna, one of the poorest districts in Hawaii. We are pioneering a sustainable, environmentally friendly bamboo industry that empowers our community economically.

Currently under development is our Kamaili Rainforest Demonstration Site that will house our training facilities and illustrate our eco-ethical values. We’re establishing ecologically sound building practices through education, training, workshops and unique bamboo construction projects, like public pavilions and low-cost bamboo housing.

We are in support of an agriculturally based, environmentally healing industry that will benefit the future of the Big Island for generations to come.


Immediate Goals

The immediate goals are to build a permanent treatment facility and other appropriate infrastructure on land already dedicated for the Research Center to replace the existing temporary facilities elsewhere. The new location would be a site for an intern program for performing construction experiments. It would start with several temporary structures of bamboo covered with durable canvas, and develope into permanent experimental buildings. Some of the costs for developing the facilities would come from the profits of the existing professional bamboo construction company, Eco Terrestrial Concepts.


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