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Dream Quest

Dream Quest

Project Summary

Dream Quest is committed to improving life among the previously disadvantaged communities of Native Americans by continuation, preservation and revitalization of ancient Indian arts that are rapidly disappearing as our elders leave us.

It is Dream Quests’ aim to provide a demand for authentic Native American craftsmanship while creating a desire to rekindle the practice of ancient techniques used by Native Americans, i.e: tanning of hides and buckskin, beadwork, basketry, woven clothing, hunting tools, wood carving, and rugs.

The product is an individual handmade doll as the platform to display Native American craftsmanship and traditional clothing. A doll will be made for a specific tribe; displaying authentic dress and the most useful tools for sustenance. For example, my tribe, the Agai Dicutta or commonly known as the Walker River Paiute Tribe, had pinenuts as a primary staple of their diet and were expert weavers. This doll will have two items as part of the display: a winnowing basket in her hands as she works with her child in a willow cradleboard strapped to her back. The intended market is museums, casinos, tribes interested in sustaining their cultural roots, and collectors of Native American artifacts.

Initially we need extensive research for selected tribes concerning traditional dress and décor, as well as the techniques and natural materials used to create them. We will locate teachers with requisite skills and then train new Native American students. The goal will be the training of young Native Americans by their elders in their own traditions. Students will learn a valuable craft, monitor their books and experience self-sufficiency. It is the goal of Dream Quest to empower young Native American people to become experts in their traditional crafts and create a demand to help sustain them. As the craftsman are found and trained, the dolls may be used to fund expansion.


Joni J. Crines

A W.I.S.H. North America


A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity