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Bioplaneta, is a national network of rural sustainable companies and cooperatives in Mexico allied to a broad net of institutions, educational and investigation centers, non-government organizations and people committed with sustainable development, quality of life and social and commercial fairness.

Bioplaneta is the tool for the environment-committed community companies to be qualified permanently, to improve and maintain its quality and mainly, to market its products and services in the local, regional, national and global markets in a fair and equal way.

The organization works to nurture sustainable development, cultural equality, fair trade and organic agriculture. Bioplaneta was recently recognized as one of the top five sustainability organizations on the planet and made the short list for the Alcan Prize for Sustainability (www.alcanprizeforsustainability.com).

Héctor Marcelli Esquivel, founder of Bioplaneta, is a visionary social innovator, an environmental engineer, and a leader in the Sustainability Movement in Mexico. He created the NGO, Bioplaneta, to serve the rural communities that NAFTA has bypassed in favor of large multinational corporations. Within these communities there includes an expanding collection of cooperatives and locally owned small businesses that are concerned with community development. The Bioplaneta network links these “fair trade” producers across Mexico to maximize their access to international markets. Organic agricultural production, utilitarian item production, local and indigenous art and handicrafts, and eco-tourism are four types of enterprises within the network that are being supported. In Marcelli’s own words he states “Instead of taking to the streets and blockading the World Bank offices, we say we’re going to use the world trade strategy in favor of the social ecological process.” He has helped to stem the tide of migration, and lighten the burden of rural poverty in Mexico while promoting sustainable development and responsible consumption based on ethical and ecological principles.


Hector Marcelli

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