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Business Action for Sustainable Enterprise


To meet the needs of both current and future generations through promoting Sustainable Business practices.

Organization Description

BASE is a university-based educational partnership between students, educators, and business professionals. We are a nonprofit organization run by students with members coming from both the educational and professional sectors. Through community outreach, academic programs, and member development activities, we aim to meet the needs of both current and future generations by increasing the awareness and promoting the benefits of Sustainable Business practices.



We strive to meet the needs of the present generation without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We will actively advocate the equal integration of Economic, Environmental, and Social factors in the policies and practices of businesses and organizations.


The key to a sustainable future is engaging everyone in the change process. This is why BASE seeks to reach out to and include high school students, university undergraduates and graduates, faculty and academic staff, and business and community members dedicated to a more sustainable business community.

We seek to provide a forum for the people and organizations that are linked by an interest in Sustainability.

Global Equity

Creating an atmosphere of equality and respect is integral to the long-term success of any community, such as our organization. The mutual respect of all ideas and opinions will ensure continued support and involvement of every party associated with BASE.

Sustainability is a worldwide issue, and as such we aim to reach beyond our borders to include people of all cultures.


BASE solicits feedback and periodically self-reviews and records our efforts so that we may hold ourselves accountable to those that support and fund us.

Organizational Structure and Administration

The Executive Committee (EC) is the group of individuals responsible for administration of the organization at each local chapter. It consists of both undergraduate and graduate university students, with general members being students, educators (faculty and academic staff) and members of the business community. All members congregate once a month for a General Member Dinner consisting of a Keynote Speaker, Organization Updates, and time for networking. The Executive Committee meets for one hour each week to update each other on progress and plan for future events. Officers that have committees hold meetings with their members at their discretion.


Member Development

General Membership Dinners: BASE’s structure is primarily focused around monthly dinners that bring together our diverse membership for a featured speaker, organizational updates, and networking. Thisgives our members the following benefits:

  • An opportunity to learn about recent developments in the area of Sustainable Business.
  • To be informed of progress on BASE’s various projects.
  • Opportunities for networking and the sharing of information.

Community Service Activities

We provide various activities where members can not only benefit the community, but also form a connection between themselves through service learning.

Social Events

We host frequent events where members can get to know each other and network in an open atmosphere that fosters education and debate. Gathering outside of formal meetings is essential to forming the bonds between members that will keep them motivated and ensure the longevity of the organization.

Annual Conference

We aim to hold an Annual Conference that brings together leaders in Sustainable Business to learn about each other’s projects and about upcoming events and trends.

Career Network

Our mission here is two-fold:

  • To connect businesses with quality candidates and future leaders by establishing a web-based resource guide that lists resumes and Curriculum Vitaes of members, along with job openings at companies with a sustainable mission.
  • Concentrate on the personal development of our members to assist them in becoming tomorrow’s leaders today. (ALPs - Adventure Learning Programs, ROPES courses)

Community Outreach

Sustainable Business Newsletter (monthly)

  • Articles by students (university and high school), faculty, and business and community members on topics relating to sustainable business

  • BASE updates, past events

  • Advertisements for Business Community Partners

  • Large editorial section consisting of responses from an online submission site, special topics and questions

  • Calendar of related events

  • Contact info

  • Articles about related organizations (Sierra Club, World Business Council on Sustainable Development, Net Impact, Second Nature, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Natural Step, etc.)

  • Other sections?

Outreach Projects

Service and Professional Organizations

  • Rotary Club
  • Sustain Dane

High School organizations

  • DECA
  • FBLA
  • BASE (long term)

Other university organizations (co-sponsoring meetings, speakers, community service events)

Speaker Series

Provide a diverse assortment of speakers and panel discussions relating to topics in Sustainable Business on a regular basis.

Academic Efforts

Independent Readings and Research Case Studies (students receive independent research credit)

  • Create case studies to be used in university business school classes
    Diverse teams of primarily students, with educators and business community members working as advisors, work with and study a company for a specified period of time (~1 year) to assess their current situation. These teams then recommend sustainable alternatives and follow up on progress. These written case studies are then marketed to university business school professors and integrated into the curriculum.
  • Include regular updates on progress in newsletter
  • Case competitions


  • Faculty Research
    Provide faculty with assistance in finding the necessary funding, topics, and support for research projects

  • Provide measurable results of our work in an effort to hold ourselves accountable to those that support us.

Curriculum Integration

  • Through the use of workshops and educational seminars, we aim to increase the awareness of Sustainable Business practices among university faculty in an attempt to integrate it into their classes. (Second Nature workshops, Natural Step training)
  • We aim to modify the Business School’s general educational requirements to recognize appropriate environmental classes as acceptable prerequisites.


Business Action for Sustainable Enterprise

A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity