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Throughout American history, we have seen strides toward a fair and equitable society. However, an elite class of people and corporations continue to use their economic power to dominate media and politics and maintain their privilege. ActiveFreeMedia works to create a critical mass of people and organizations that exercise their voice through media communication, consumption, and investing choices to shift the economic and political landscape to realize a vibrant socially responsible society.

Project Summary

The convergence of diverse media industries and decreasing cost of technology has led to marginalized people gaining some access to tools and resources to communicate their own stories and perspectives through micro media like email and web sites. However, the need exists for a community and infrastructure that leverage marginalized voices through mainstream distribution outlets like television, magazines, and billboards in order to make a significant impact in popular culture and politics.

While organizations like Adbusters and Free Range Graphics create effective individual marketing campaigns, ActiveFreeMedia creates a web-based infrastructure that empowers like-minded institutions to join their voices and pool their resources in order to launch mainstream media campaigns. Simultaneously, this orgaization will create a conscious community of artists, consumers, companies, organizations, and investors that ensure sustained support and mainstream impact.

ActiveFreeMedia’s target community is the diverse population of young people who participate in media and technology and who are committed to using their skills and income to create a sustainable culture and economy.


Project Activities

ActiveFreeMedia will be further strengthening its capacity and positioning the organization for expansion by:

  • Developing the leadership team
  • Building brand recognition
  • Building a membership base and stakeholder network
  • Developing diverse revenue/fundraising strategies
  • Developing web application and evaluation tools
  • Creating and implementing PR/marketing campaigns

Project Impact

In order to build a sustainable culture and economy of responsibility and freedom, ActiveFreeMedia will:

  • Create a community of 3,000 participants who regularly submit media, invest money and generate discussions about ActiveFreeMedia’s campaigns
  • Engage an audience of 15,000 subscribers that stay informed through activefreemedia’s network
  • Host 20 media campaigns that foster cross cultural understanding and active participation in society


A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity