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A W.I.S.H. - India Tsunami Relief

Stevan and Carmel (in blue sari) Arokiasamy, co-founders of Share and Care, distributing goods and houseware to villagers.

Stevan Arokiasamy helping children in affected village.

Share and Care staff and volunteers loading relief supplies for journey to villages.

Response to the AW.I.S.H-India appeal has been extremely gratifying. Thank you! More than $8,000 has been received and sent to India to be disbursed quickly and directly to people whose lives have been devastated. Those families, our collaborating organizations (Share and Care Children's Welfare Society in Madras, and Sri Aurobindo Center for Advanced Research in Pondicherrr) and AW.I.S.H-India are all very grateful for this wonderful outpouring of support. We want to express our appreciation also to the individuals and organizations who helped us coordinate this emergency appeal, especially AW.I.S.H International.

Here is the first update from Share and Care, outlining their initial relief efforts. We hope to post further updates as they arrive, and to have a report from SACAR soon as well.

"Regarding relief work, we distributed rice and cloth in NainarKuppam and conducted medical camp on 1st January, treating 800 people with the help of three doctors, six staff nurses and ten Share and Care staff members. In NainarKuppam 40 houses were affected but no loss of life. We will give utensils and dresses to these people next week. We placed orders in the shops accordingly.

"We visited Pulicat. The lighthouse beach and adjoining villages were not affected. But two villages in southernmost part of Pulicat were affected and more than 10 people died. It took about two hours by motorboat to reach these villages. Of these two villages, we selected KoraiKuppam village to give relief work. There over 100 families lost everything. They requested us to provide kerosene stove, cooking vessels, dresses and rice. We have already ordered and made arrangement to distribute these articles on 11th and 12th of January.

"We saw that these people – especially children and women – are full of fear, spend sleepless nights, and feel very insecure. We counseled them. The government has banned fishing for another month. Everybody wants help to buy boat and net. This requires more funds – one fiberglass boat costs one lakh (about $2,300) and one variety of fishing net suitable for the present season costs around Rs.10,000 (about $245). The government might help in this matter.

"Thank you for sending the tsunami relief money to help these fishermen and their community."


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